Current Contract (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2018)


Article Description Signed
10H Unit Members participation in college activities outside of required duty days as defined in Academic Calendar 2/4/14
15D Frequency and Timeline 8/16/14
15D.2 Non-Scheduled Evaluations 10/29/14
21J.1 Coaching Compensation:  Intercollegiate Athletics 12/19/14
22E.2 Members of District Equivalency Committee [DEC] 12/22/14
15D.3 Timelines for Regular Scheduled and Nonscheduled Evaluations 2/3/15




Sick Leave Donation for Terminally Ill Employees; and

Sick Leave Donation To Employees Suffering A Serious Health Condition

22E.2 Members of District Equivalency Committee [DEC] 5/25/15



Sabbatical Leave of Absence 5/26/15
  Summer Session Pay, Summer 2016  
22E.2 Members of District Equivalency Committee 3/24/16
18Y State Disability Insurance (SDI) Election 8/1/16
10F Canvas Implementation 9/20/16
10G Dual Enrollment 9/21/16
  Chabot College Biology Faculty Enhancement Intiative 10/10/16
12-2A.1 Workload Banked LOA Amended 11/29/16
18B.1g(4) Changes to Guidelines Specific to Counseling and Library Faculty 3/16/17
1A.2 Recognition 3/30/17
18J.3 Paid Participation by Part-time Unit Members 4/13/17
11F.1 Parental Leave (Update) 6/21/17
  SERP (Supplemental Employee Retirement Plan (SERP) 7/6/17
12-1A.7 FA MOU Sabbatical Leave Committee Review 8/15/17

10D.1(b) and


Faculty Laboratory Hour B.4 4/23/18
10I Noncredit Instruction 5/4/18


Prior Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs)