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Dr. Jannett Jackson

Welcome to Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.  We are proud to serve our diverse communities of Alameda County.  Our commitment to Education Excellence, Curriculum Relevancy, and Community Collaboration places students at the center of the learning experience. Whether you are a recent high school graduate seeking a transfer degree, a veteran preparing to enter civilian life, or a student committed to serving the public as a police officer, or a nurse, Chabot-Las Positas Community College District has a place where you will be welcomed and supported.


The following is an overview of the values that form three pillars supporting our student success.


We connect these values to the holistic education of our students who are at the center of the learning experience.  


Our shared district vision does, indeed, provide transformative education—changing the trajectory of our students’ lives through the above values—and it places the student at the center of the college experience. We take purposeful actions to provide an experience that captures students’ imaginations and opens their eyes to options and opportunities they might never before have imagined. We seek to instill in students a sense of connectedness to our colleges and our communities—our valued partners in student success. Through this experience, students become engaged; this is when they truly learn and become successful.


We welcome you to visit our district and college websites and discover how our students become actively engaged and achieve success through our extensive and highly-regarded programs and services.  Hope to see you at one of our College campuses soon!


Jannett N. Jackson, Ph.D.  

CLPCCD Chancellor



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