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Procurement Card (P-card) Program

About Procurement Cards (P-cards)

Use of P-cards streamlines the purchasing and payment process for low-dollar purchases and travel. A couple of benefits from using P-cards are lower transaction costs (no need to generate a purchase order) and quicker turnaround time for receiving the item.

How Do I Request a P-card?

To request a P-card, an individual needs to send a written request to the Vice Chancellor, Business Services via their approving manager. The request should contain the individual's name (as it should appear on the card), title, department, email address, and telephone number. It is at the Vice Chancellor's discretion to approve the request.

Types of Purchases

P-cards may only be used for official CLPCCD business. Pre-approved cardholders will receive training and will sign a Credit Card Use Agreement, along with the Prohibited Uses list. The Purchasing Card Program Policies and Procedures contain these same requirements. Illustrated below are the following categories relating to P-card use:

Type of Purchase





  • Car rental / shuttle
  • Conference registration

  • FasTrak®:
    • No auto-reload
  • Hotel:
    • Standard rates only
  • Airfare:
    • Coach only
  • Meals:
  • Not provided at event
  • Itemized receipts must be provided
  • If >1 party: list names & purpose
  • Gratuity (20% or less)
  • Employees Only
  • Fuel:
    • Rental vehicle only
  • Alcohol purchases
  • Alcohol pass-through (charge on P-card and reimbursed by employee)
  • Tobacco products
  • Cash advances
  • Room service


  • General items less than $500 (Not contained in Restricted or Prohibited Column)
  • IT products (computers, phones, printers, web-based, tablets, two-way radios, subscription)
  • No Gratuities over 20%

  • Postage stamps
  • Alcohol products
  • Tobacco products
  • Controlled substances
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Gift cards/certificates
  • Awards
  • Recurring charges (Open PO)


  • General items less than $1,000 (Not contained in Restricted or Prohibited Column)
  • IT products (computers, phones, printers, web-based, tablets, two-way radios)
  • No Equipment Rental/ Lease over 30 days
  • Fixed assets ($5,000 or greater)
  • Equipment rental/ lease
  • Equipment Repairs and/or installation
  • Splitting purchases to avoid transaction limit


  • All services – includes but not limited to:
  • personal
  • professional
  • installation
  • consulting
  • clerical
  • labor charges
  • employee related transactions
  • room service
  • advertising


  • All construction – includes but not limited to:
  • on-site alterations
  • demolitions
  • repairs

Can I Have Something Shipped to My Home?

No, all CLPCCD purchases must be shipped to a campus or district address.

Monthly Statements

Cardholders will receive a monthly statement at the end of the billing cycle, around the 22nd of each month. Cardholders must complete a Monthly Purchases Log form, reconcile the receipts to the statement, and send all paperwork to Accounting within five (5) business days after the billing cycle ends. The original, itemized receipts (not copies) must be forwarded, along with the log form to Accounting. Cardholders may not authorize payment for their own cards. The statement and log form must be signed by the cardholder's approving manager.

Misuse of the P-card

Any violations of the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures by the individual cardholder will be reported to the Vice Chancellor, Business Services and may result in suspension or permanent cancellation of the P-card. This includes failure to submit monthly statements in a timely manner.

What Should I Do If My P-card Is Lost or Stolen?

When the loss is discovered, the cardholder must telephone US Bank at (800) 227-6736, Government Services, to report a lost or stolen card. You will need your 16-digit account number and the telephone number associated with the card for verification. The cardholder must also submit a memo to the Vice Chancellor, Business Services and the Purchasing Manager (P-card program administrator).

Contact Information

Please contact Marie Hampton if you have questions regarding P-cards. She can be reached at (925) 485-5233.