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Technology Coordinating Committee (TCC) Handouts

Common Elements of Tech Master Plans (4/13/2018) (PDF)

Tech Master Plan Samples (4/13/2018) (PDF)

CLPCCD IT Project List 2017-2018 by Source Doc (Excel)

CLPCCD IT Project List 2017-2018 by Group (Excel)

List of Technology Planning Category (PDF)

Source Documents for Baseline Tech Plan (PDF)

Content Sections for Tech Plan Selected by TCC (PDF)

Blackboard Archive Notes (PDF)

Follett Discover Emails (3/9/2018) (PDF)

LPC Follett Instructions (3/9/2018) (PDF)

Form Generation Task Force - Team Members in attendance 11-28-2017 (PDF)

Forms Generation Task Force - Team Members updated 11-14-2017 (PDF)

Options for Merged or Cross Listed Courses (10/13/2017) (PDF)

ITSM - ServiceNow (5/12/2017) (PDF)

Email to Forms Generation Task Force (5/12/2017) (PDF)

Members Responses to Email on Forms Generation Task Force (5/12/2017) PDF

Measure A Bond Projects (3/21/2017)(PDF)

Chabot Page Wireless (TCO) for IT (4/12/2017)(PDF)

LPC Wireless Welcome Page (TCO) for IT (4/12/2017)(PDF)


TCO Facilities and ITS TCC District Technology Committee (PDF)

Summary of Steps for Canvas Implementation at Colleges (PDF)

Forms Generation Software Initiative - Team Members Selected (PDF)

Future Technology Plan Framework (PDF)

2016 Bond Allocation (PDF)

Alternative Technology Funding When Bond Ends (PDF)

Recommendation Form - Forms Generation Software for 5/8/15 meeting - FINAL  (PDF)

Recommendation Form - OEI for 5/8/15 meeting - FINAL  (PDF)

Document Management System Forms Spreadsheet for 5/8/15 meeting

Outlook Email Status as of 3/27/15 (PDF)

Outlook Email Status as of 3/13/15 (PDF)

Email Migration Essentials 2014 (PDF)

How to Access New Lynda Existing Users (PDF)

How to Access New Lynda New Users (PDF)

Email Announcement for Lynda.com (PDF)

Groupwise to Outlook Conversion with Training Lynda.com (PDF)

Quick Look at Outlook Reference (PDF)

Groupwise to Outlook Conversion Jan 8 (PDF)

Groupwise Archive Users Only (PDF)





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