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District Press Releases - 2002


Faculty and District Reach Contract Agreement

(Pleasanton, CA) – The Chabot-Las Positas Faculty Association overwhelmingly voted to approve a new contract with the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. The District Board of Trustees approved the contract at its regular business meeting held last night.
The contract provides for salary increases for full and part-time faculty. In addition, part-time faculty are eligible for benefits and will receive compensation for office hours.
Enrollment management, workload, working conditions, and faculty evaluations were other areas in which the two sides came to agreement on several issues.
“The district and the faculty association spent more than two years negotiating this contract,” said Dr. Susan Cota, district chancellor. “I am very happy with the way it came out. I am proud of our faculty and our administration for rolling up our sleeves and negotiating this contract together while keeping in mind the students and communities we serve.”
"This contract heralds the beginning of a new era of professionalism between faculty and administration in the CLPCCD.   The agreement is a highly ethical approach to complex working conditions, which involves and values faculty in new and challenging ways.   The faculty are delighted with the terms of the agreement and the process through which it was achieved," said Charlotte Lofft, faculty association president.
The terms of the new contract go into effect immediately and last through June 30, 2005.


Community College District Hosts Business Forums

(Pleasanton, CA) – Training and Development Solutions, a division of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, will host two business forums in the Bay Area titled “The Changing Face of Business in the Bay Area.”
The forums will feature three Bay Area consultants in fields related to change in business. Patrick Ibarra, a human resource development consultant, will discuss the process of change management and how an organization can leverage change as a positive force. Judy Robb, a business performance consultant, will help identify and close gaps in the alignment of four key organizational needs – business, performance, learning and work environment. Lee Winters, an international and domestic cultural diversity consultant, will show how to treat diversity as a corporate asset and how to develop it to lead to a healthier bottom line.
Business and community members are invited to attend. The forums will be held Thursday, June 20 th from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the San Leandro Marina Inn in San Leandro, and on Friday, June 21 st from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the Pleasanton Hotel in Pleasanton. The fee is $15 per person and reservations are required by June 13 th.
For more information, please contact Shari Friedel in the Training and Development Solutions office at (925) 485-5219.

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Board Names Las Positas College President

(Livermore, CA) – The Board of Trustees of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District has named Karen E. Halliday as the president of Las Positas College in Livermore, CA. Ms. Halliday has been serving as interim president for the past six months while continuing to serve the college in her role as vice president of student services.
At a special meeting last night the Board voted unanimously to name Halliday the third president of the 11-year-old college.
“Ms. Halliday is an excellent choice to lead Las Positas College,” said Chancellor Susan Cota, former president of Las Positas College. “Her longevity with the institution lends to stability, while her vision for growth and development will lead the college and community in some new and very exciting directions.”
Prior to coming to Las Positas College, Ms. Halliday served at the state level as the dean of student services for the California Community Colleges State Chancellor's Office in Sacramento. She also served the system as the statewide matriculation coordinator and as a specialist in the Disabled Students Programs and Services unit. In addition to her campus experience at Las Positas College, she has served as a faculty member, learning disabilities specialist, and director of the Educational Diagnostic Center, all at DeAnza College in Cupertino, CA.
Ms. Halliday has received many honors both at the state and national level including being named “Teacher of the Year” while serving at DeAnza College. In addition to serving several local organizations such as the Livermore Valley Rotary and the Tri-Valley Business Education Council, Ms. Halliday is very active at the state level as a member of several organizations such as the Association of California Community College Administrators, the Community Relations Board of the Federal Corrections Institution, and the Chief Student Services Officers of the California Community College. “Ms. Halliday's experience at the state level brings an entirely new perspective to Las Positas College. She is in tune to issues and trends in the state that may affect the college and our students. She uses this knowledge in planning and finding solutions to challenges that we face each day,” said Chancellor Cota.
She has co-authored several publications on learning disabilities and matriculation and has spoken at many regional, state and national conferences.
Ms. Halliday received her Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology and comparative religions from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received her Master of Science in Education with a major in learning disabilities and minors in child development and mental retardation from Purdue University. She has completed postgraduate work in education administration from the University of Virginia, Fairfax. She holds a lifetime teaching credential from the California Community Colleges in basic skills, special education and learning disabilities, and credentials from both the California and Virginia State Departments of Education.


District and Faculty Association Enter Into Fact-Finding

(Pleasanton, CA) – The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District and the district faculty have entered a fact-finding process with neutral mediators to attempt to settle a two-year contract dispute.
While both sides have met with agreement on some issues several of the larger issues remain unsettled. “The District's priority is salary, benefits and office hours for our full and part-time faculty, particularly our part-time faculty, in addition to teaching load issues,” said Dr. Susan Cota, district chancellor. “We have made a tremendous effort to reach agreement on several monetary issues while balancing a budget facing drastic reductions due to the state's $23 billion dollar deficit.”
The faculty is asking for a 13.84% compensation increase (salary, health & welfare) for 2002-03 while the district is offering 7.99% (salary only) over the next two years. “Over the past ten years this district has made a strong effort to provide total compensation which greatly exceeds the Consumer Price Index,” said Cota. The fact-finding statute provides that the fact finders “shall consider…and be guided by…the Consumer Price Index.”
The total compensation proposal for the district is 8.27% for 2001-02, 5.78% for 2002-03 and 6.57% for 2003-04 for a total increase of 20.62% over three years. The faculty is seeking a total compensation package of 13.84% for 2002-03.
“We are offering what we believe is a fair compensation package that will allow us to continue serving the 22,000 students we have on campus,” said Cota. “We want to give our faculty as much as we possibly can, but we cannot negotiate a contract that will force us to cancel classes and reduce the services we provide to our students and the community. That would not be in the best interest of the district.”
In addition to drastic budget cuts for the state and the community college system as a whole, the district is facing a 25+% increase in medical benefit costs over the next three years. That equates to a dollar amount of $1,804,546.
The District settled a contract with more than 334 classified employees last August.
The fact-finding process is scheduled to end on Tuesday, May 21. The mediator will give a recommendation within 45 days and the two sides will go back to the bargaining table once again.

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