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District Press Releases - 2009



District Administrator Receives Gubernatorial Appointment

(Pleasanton, CA) - Ms. Julia Dozier, district executive director of economic development and contract education, has been appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a four-year term on the California Apprenticeship Council.

Established by the Shelley-Maloney Apprentice Labor Standards Act of 1939, the Council provides policy advice on apprenticeship matters to the director of industrial relations, issues rules and regulations on specific apprenticeship subjects to be published in the California Code of Regulations, and conducts appeals hearings.

“The Governor’s recognition of Ms. Dozier validates her work and that of her team members in the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District,” said Dr. Joel Kinnamon, district chancellor. “She has a unique ability to envision and implement programs that support business and industry. The growth in her program is evident of the success she has achieved on behalf of the District.”

Since 2008 Ms. Dozier has worked for the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District since 2001, holding her current position since 2008. Prior to that, she served as the director of economic development and contract education from 2006 to 2008, program development manager from 2003 to 2006 and apprenticeship coordinator from 2001 to 2003. She was the associate director of the Student Achievement Guided by Experience Scholars program at the University of California, Berkeley in 2001 and was the business and education volunteer program director at the Contra Costa County Office of Education from 1998 to 2001.


State Chancellor Visits Las Positas College

Las Positas College will host a reception for State Community College Chancellor Jack Scott from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 4 in the Multi-Disciplinary Building, Building 2400, Reading Room, Room 2401.


Assemblymember Mary Hayashi
State Community College Chancellor Jack Scott
Chabot-Las Positas College Chancellor Joel Kinnamon
Las Positas College President DeRionne Pollard
Chabot College President Celia Barberena

The reception will include a brief overview of the District, Colleges, and the progress in each of the areas of sustainability, environmental and social justice, workforce development in the emerging green-tech industry, and transit educational centers.


Chabot and Las Positas Colleges to Advance Spring Cal Grant Payments to Students

(Pleasanton, CA) - Students at Chabot College in Hayward and Las Positas College in Livermore, will not have to worry about not receiving spring Cal Grant funds due to the delayed state budget. District officials have identified funds that they will use to cover the grants so students will not have to interrupt their education.

“This continues to be a difficult situation for our students. As we did in the fall, we will provide funds to our students so they can continue their progress toward achieving their goals without the stress of worrying about whether or not their financial aid funds will be available,” said Dr. Joel Kinnamon, district chancellor.

“We will not let the state budget delay impact our students who receive Cal Grants,” said Lorenzo Legaspi, vice chancellor of business services. “Our district is prepared to advance payment to approximately 500 students, just like we did for the fall semester.”

“Through continued fiscal responsibility and conservative budgeting, we are able to assist our students during our state’s ongoing fiscal crisis,” said Dr. Hal Gin, president of the district Board of Trustees. “Our district and college staff continue to forecast state budget shortfalls and develop ways to make adjustments at the district level in order to support our students and provide them with the funds they need to continue their success.”

For information about the spring financial aid disbursements, please call Chabot College’s financial aid office at (510) 723-6748 or Las Positas College’s financial aid office at (925) 424-1580.

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