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Network Architecture

As part of Bond Measure B, the District upgraded all connections between the District Data Center and the colleges and district office to a Metropolitan (Metro) Ethernet Wide Area Network (Ethernet over Fiber Optics).  In September 2008, the District implemented the AT&T OPT-E-MAN metro Ethernet wide area network (WAN) to complement and provide additional bandwidth to the existing T-1 circuits. 

Opt-E-Man provides an additional bandwidth of 10 megabit/second between Chabot and District office and 10 megabit/second between Chabot and Las Positas.  Previously, we provisioned WAN circuits of 3 megabit/second between Chabot and District office and 4.6 megabit/second between LPC and Chabot. The additional bandwidth will alleviate connection-related latency problems due to increasing bandwidth requirements from new projects, remote file sharing amongst departments, and growth of multi-media applications. 

Metro ethernet wide area network is a new and robust technology that utilizes fiber optics to achieve high speed network connectivity between remote locations.  Ethernet is an industry-accepted, proven local area network (LAN) technology that you currently use to connect your PC to servers located in your building.  Recently, Ethernet LAN has been expanded to provide network connectivity for remote sites, hence the term metropolitan.  With metro ethernet, you will be able to take advantage of high speed connections to servers located remotely.  Currently we have provisioned for 10 megabit/second bandwidth.  Metro Ethernet is expandable.  If the need arises for additional bandwidth in the future, we can provision for more bandwidth.  As the District Data Center relocates from Chabot to Las Positas in Spring 2010, the bandwidth will be adjusted accordingly. 

CLPCCD Network diagram

Network Diagram (pdf)