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Outlook Email Information
The final phase of the long awaited Groupwise email conversion to Outlook email is fast approaching. The cutover date for the new Outlook email system is Monday, January 12.

This date was selected in order to allow ample time for faculty to get their final grades submitted in the early part of the week. Also, the faculty input received through all the College and District Technology Committees was to make sure the mail cutover occurred before spring classes begin.

For the Groupwise to Outlook conversion, ITS will be converting all active emails and archive emails to the new Outlook system. Users will not have to take any action and all existing emails will be automatically migrated over. In working with the College Technology Committees and the district-wide Technology Coordinating Committee, the recommendation is to convert 3 years of emails to the Outlook active mailbox (which includes Cabinet folders, Calendar, and Address Book) and any emails prior to that will be placed in the Outlook archive folder.

For those users who have created Groupwise archives on their local PC drive, the conversion will also include those archive files. Both the Outlook active mailbox and the archive folder will be accessible either on campus or off campus.

Instructions on How to use Outlook Email:
Below you will find Microsoft Outlook 2010 links to help you with tasks such as composing, sending, and replying to emails and creating appointments in your calendar. Please click on the links to learn more about each topic.

* Note: All documents are pdf format unless otherwise noted.
Instructions For Outlook on Day 1 Januray 12:
Microsoft 2010 Quick Guide Links:
Online Tutorials on "":
Refer to online tutorials below to learn more about the new Outlook email system. The primary Outlook topics that you will want to review include: Outlook 2010 Essential Training (client version), Outlook Web App (OWA) 2013 Essential Training (web version), Outlook 2010 Time Management with Calendar and Tasks.
Documentation sent out about Outlook Email:
District Technology Coordinating Committee(TCC):
Standard Microsoft Documentation on Outlook Email: