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District ITS establishes equipment standards in collaboration with the college technology staff to meet the needs of the colleges and district.  Standards are reviewed on an annual basis or as new technology innovations become available.  Revisions are made to the district standards when appropriate and published on the college and district web sites for distribution to staff.  Board policies are established for “Computer Use” policies which employees are required to read and acknowledge via signature when computer access request forms are submitted.  Draft policies for Web and Copyright policies have been submitted for review and comments from the various governance groups. 

Procedures for Technology Standards for Chabot - Las Positas Community College District (pdf)

Board Policies:
When an employee signs the computer access form, they agree to these terms:
Board Policy 3720
DRAFT Web Policy
DRAFT Web Policy Administrative Rules & Procedures
DRAFT Copyright Policy
Standards and Guidelines
PC Standards
2018 Cabling Infrastructure Standards
Network Infrastructure Upgrade
Password Guidelines
Wireless Procedures
Types of Access
Network Narrative
Standards and Policy
Access Request Form
Project Plan