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Wireless Access Point Maps

Chabot College:

Chabot Wireless Map

SSID = CC-Public

Locations of wireless access points (total 59):


CC-700.3-Community Student Services Center CC-1803-Classrooms CC-3500-Children’s Center


CC-712-Community Student Services Center

CC-1808-Classrooms CC-3800-Bookstore

CC-126-TV Studio

CC-745B-Community Student Services Center CC-1813-Classrooms

CC-3912-Chemistry & Computer Science

CC-170 CC-760-Community Student Services Center CC-1926- Planetarium & Science Lecture Halls CC-4000-Fitness Center - Upstairs
CC-200-Administration CC-767H-Community Student Services Center-Outside CC-2000-Science & Math Faculty Offices CC-4000-Fitness Center - Downstairs


CC-2100-Biological Sciences Classrooms


CC-900-School of the Arts Classrooms

CC-2102-Biology Lab  
CC-400-Downstairs Conference Room CC-904A-School of the Arts Classrooms CC-2104- Biological Sciences Classrooms
CC-400-Upstairs Conference Room CC-1100-School of the Arts Faculty Offices

CC-2124-Biological Sciences Classrooms

CC-401-Instr. Office Building CC-1115-School of the Arts Faculty Offices CC-2208-Health Sciences/Dental Health Classrooms  
CC-402-Instr. Office Building CC-1300- Performing Arts Center-STGLFT

CC-2251-Health Sciences/Dental Health Classrooms

CC-403-Instr. Office Building CC-1300-Performing Arts Center-CNTRL


CC-404-Instr. Office Building CC-1300-Performing Arts Center-Box Office

CC-2300-Peer Academic Tutoring Help (PATH) - upstairs

CC-451-Instr. Office Building

CC-1400-Technology Ctr

CC-2345-Upstairs Conf. Rm.  
CC-452-Instr. Office Building CC-1500-Applied Tech. Faculty Offices

CC-2400-Disabled Student Resource Center

CC-453-Instr. Office Building

CC-1600-Applied Tech. & Business Classrooms


CC-454-Instr. Office Building

CC-1611-Applied Technology Classrooms

CC-2607-PE Faculty Offices/Classrooms  
CC-500-Social Sciences Classrooms CC-1801-Classrooms CC-3100-Emergency Medical Services Classrooms  

Download the PDF version of the Chabot Map


Q:  What devices can I use to access the wireless network?

A:  Laptops, mobile phones (iPhone, Droid), and iPads.

Q:  What is the name of the wireless network (also referred to as SSID)?

A:  On your device look for CC-PUBLIC.

Q:   What wireless protocols are supported?

A:  802.1B/G/N

Q:  What settings do I use to connect to the CC-PUBLIC wireless network?

A:  Since CC-PUBLIC is an open network, make sure to disable any authentication protocols such as WEP, WPA, or WPA2.  An IP address, default gateway, or DNS address is not required.  These will be assigned automatically.  Username and password are not required.

Q:  How do I configure my device for wireless?

A:  Refer to your device hardware and software documentation or vendor web site; e.g., for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Q:  What’s the best use of wireless?

A:  Many applications such as accessing web-based e-mails, websites, and social media are appropriate.  Applications that require large amounts of bandwidth or are sensitive to changes in signal quality may not be appropriate for wireless access.

Q:  Is the wireless network secure?

A:  No.  It’s an open network similar to when you access Starbuck’s or the airport’s wireless network.  If you have to do financial or banking-related transactions, make sure that the website you’re accessing is secured using SSL to ensure your network transactions are encrypted..

Q:  What is the wireless usage policy?

A:  Illegal activities such as hacking, downloading copyrighted materials, or spamming are strictly prohibited.

Las Positas College Wireless Map