Faculty Forms

Faculty Forms

Academic Productivity Application Form

Assignment Preference and Availability Form: Part Time Faculty

Canvas Course Conversion/Course Development Application (for payment)

Cash In Lieu of Medical Benefits

Colloquium: Request to Offer

Full-Time Faculty Deferred Pay

Equivalency Forms

Faculty Service Area (FSA): Approval/Denial Form

Faculty Service Area (FSA): Record Form

Faculty Grievance Process

Large Lecture Application Form

Online Education Initiative (OEI) Course Alignment Application [for Payment] Form

Pre-Retirement Load Reduction Form

Retraining Leave of Absence: Contract Form

Retraining Leave of Absence: Report Form

Retraining Leave of Absence: Request Form

Summer Assignment: Form for Load Credit

Temporary Faculty Employment Notice (Categorically Funded)

Transfer: Notice of Involuntary Transfer 

Variable Flex Activity

Workload Banking Augment Sabbatical Salary Form

Workload Banking: Request Form (Regular Unit Members Only)

Faculty Association